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on Market Profile & Auction Market Trading by Tom Alexander.


Welcome to Tom Alexander’s blog! Check back often as I post trade reports and helpful trading articles.

Trade Lesson: Should I Short the Nasdaq? October 18, 2017

I received a question from a mentoring client a few days ago asking my opinion about shorting the Nasdaq.   Long Answer: If you want to be a trader your goal has to be to develop a Trade Plan that has a positive expectancy. The requirements for developing a Trade Plan with a … [Read more...]

Stock Market Special Report, August 13, 2017

Almost all traders are looking for the same thing; they want information to help them predict the future. They then place trades based on this prediction. There are two primary schools of “predictors” – the fundamental predictors and the technical predictors. Below is a picture taken at a recent … [Read more...]

Market Profile: Special Report on the US Stock Market

Special Report: US Stock Market(s)   In 1985, my professional career as a stockbroker began with Kidder, Peabody. It was at the beginning of the end of a time when brokers were still trusted advisers as opposed to used car salesmen, and actually received a fair amount of legitimate … [Read more...]

A Trading Video Not About Trading

Sign up here for a FREE course on how to use the Market Profile Graph and Auction Market Principles in your trading. Much more on FaceBook! I’ve often pointed out that the best books about trading aren’t about trading. They are often on topics related to performance or thought process. One … [Read more...]